Turnaround Resulted in 10X EV Growth and Acquisition by Market Leader

Founded in 2012 and located in Toronto, Canada, Kira Talent is the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education to assess and enroll students through a cloud-based platform. Kira transforms the admissions process by combining on-demand, timed video and timed written assessments with existing admissions requirements. Kira works with over 700 programs worldwide to build applicant-first assessments that identify and select their best-fit students.

From Seed Round Financing to $200 Million in Total Capital Raised and a $1.2 Billion Valuation in Six Years

As the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), Ada is the only conversational AI platform purpose-built to support a scalable, automation-first customer experience strategy. Ada is the leading technology of Automated Brand Interactions, empowering the world’s fastest growing companies, like Zoom, Facebook and Square, with best-in-class solutions that deliver digital-first, omni-channel experiences at scale.