Solutions to Fit Your Stage of Growth

Our solutions are focused on delivering measurable results at every stage of your growth on your journey towards value creation.

"Frankel was referred to us by our board, who had worked with them on other successful ventures. The team managed our entire accounting and finance function. They were a true partner and helped us navigate to a successful exit. They will be one of the first people I call for the next company I start."
Andy Mauro
CEO, Automat

Focused on Measurable Results

Frankel & Company empowers emerging and high growth technology leaders to manifest their vision through disciplined financial management, sophisticated strategic planning, and flawless execution.

Our financial solutions are tailored to support your unique situation with a focus on enabling scalable growth and value creation. We empower you to execute with confidence, delivering extraordinary results as you realize your potential for impact.

Fractional CFO

Emerging and high growth small businesses may not have the budget or need for a full time CFO. A CFO is instrumental in driving the business forward and achieving results or in many cases, the complexity of a technology company’s operations demands it. For most, a fractional or part time CFO is the best option to leverage the professional expertise and guidance of a seasoned officer. Our Fractional CFO Solution provides significant value to our clients through various stages of their growth. As well, we provide as needed and ongoing mentoring to clients who have a CFO in place, or are in the process of onboarding.

CFO’s provide organizational oversight, strategy, compliance, leadership mentorship and board or investor management.  Our specific experience with technology companies delivers results immediately, as there is no learning curve or misalignment of culture, with a clear understanding of the business model and growth trajectory. 

Strategically managing and improving cash flow, enhancing the valuation of the company and enabling scale through the effective acquisition and application of capital, are some of the benefits our clients realize without having to hire a full time CFO. When you are ready to transition to a full time CFO we ensure that the pieces are in place and help with onboarding and transition. 



There are many paths to achieve growth, including M&A and various organic strategies. The capital to support this growth can be financed through equity, debt or a combination of approaches. As exciting as this process can be, it is also daunting and consuming on many levels. By planning and selecting the best financing options for your unique situation, and conducting rigorous due diligence, Frankel & Company will leverage a wealth of experience and an intimate understanding of the technology industry to achieve success at the lowest cost of capital. 

We will alleviate the burden of work, enable confident decision making, and ensure the right information is available for key stakeholders.


Strategic Finance

Frankel & Company will give you the visibility, insights and predictability to act with confidence as you achieve your growth potential. 

Smart, detailed and insightful financial planning provides the visibility and roadmap for successful growth and value creation. Whether acquiring startup or growth capital, scaling your business organically or through acquisition, or successfully navigating a turnaround situation, our Strategic Finance Solutions will give all stakeholders the ability to understand, plan, and monitor your financial strategy for scalable growth and value creation.

Our team includes financial professionals and analysts with direct industry experience, knowledge and insight to deliver information you and your stakeholders can count on at every stage of your growth and evolution.



A solid accounting foundation is a critical success factor for scalable growth. Our Controllership Solution provides bespoke accounting services, as well as a comprehensive back office solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Bootstrap Startups & Pre-Revenue Companies:

  2. We become your accounting department so you can focus on the complexities of launching and growing your new business.

  3. Growth Oriented Companies:

    You will benefit from a suite of services that scale with you as we focus on implementing the systems and internal teams to run a world class business. With best-in-class systems and processes in place, we provide ongoing support, team recruiting, management and mentorship where needed.

  4. We assume full responsibility for your financial management and day-to-day accounting needs.